Preschool Brochure

Project - Brochure for a preschool Objective - To create a handbook style brochure that showcases the selling points of the school's preschool program. Excerpt Why Early Learning is Important? In our preschool learning system, a teacher's interaction with our young learners is geared towards ensuring that the children inculcate lifelong learning patterns. The teacher actively looks out for and uses all teachable moments with the children and the timetable is fluid. Our teachers use each child's interests, motivation, fears and strengths to help them learn. Your child is actively involved in guided play and an exploratory learning pattern which covers several creatively designed topics that help ignite and sustain interest in learning.

School Profile

Project - School's 20th Anniversary Cover piece Objective - Tell the school's story while focusing on its special qualities and achievements What makes Halifield Schools a premium learning environment? Behind the success of Halifield are the members of staff. They are a great and committed team, comprising of knowledgeable men and women who are passionate about children and responsibly diligent about their calling. Teachers go out of their way to achieve targets which are set at the beginning of a term. They go over and beyond to ensure good results. They correct, motivate and cheer on the child until he/she succeeds. Members of staff who are careful selected imbibe the Halifield Culture “No child is dull; no child is left behind; all children are individually talented, discover their talents”. It’s a philosophy that has brought out the best and made champions of Halifield’s learners.